Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Accidents are natural and aren't predictable. The immediate form of care to recover from an accident that must have compromised the health and form of your oral cavity is a part of emergency dental care. Seeking immediate medical attention is key to fast recovery in a less span of time. Delay in addressing your dental injuries may result in consequences that would lead to expensive methods of treatment.

What are the common types of dental injuries?

Dental injuries may be in the form of cracked, broken or knocked out teeth. They must have resulted from an unfortunate sports injury, or because of biting on hard food, a dental trauma, or an external accident. There are some cases where the patient can help themselves before showing up to the accident and emergeny unit.

Useful Tips for Common Dental Emergency

  • Knocked out teeth: If your teeth has been knocked out, try your best to keep it moist. If possible, try to place the tooth back into its socket. If this seems unlikely, contain the knocked out tooth in milk and get to our practice right away.
  • Cracked Teeth: If you have developed cracks on your teeth due to a fall, accident or trauma, rinse the mouth immediately to keep them clean. To subside swelling or inflammation, use icepacks against your cheeks.
  • Any injury in the tongue/lips from an accident can be easily delt with by gently cleaning the area with water and applying cold compress against them.

  • Tooth aches: The signs of tooth pain may be due a variety of reasons. However, it is possible to treat moderate tooth pain by thoroughly rinsing the mouth and using a dental floss to remove any food debris between teeth.

If your dental emergency is far beyond the above, we request our patients to approach us immediately. Call us at 818-818-5123 for any emergencies. Our expert team shall be quick to tend to your needs.

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