Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

A root canal is an endodontic treatment performed by an endodontist to save and restore a tooth that had been badly affected by infection. Endodontists are highly trained and skilled dentists who specializes in diagnosing and treating pain inflicted in the teeth and perform root canal therapy.

Who is an endodontist?

Endodontists are specially trained dentists who are qualified to treat teeth that requires endodontic maintenance. This involves procedures to treat the soft inner tissues of the enamel known as the dental pulp. Dentists qualifying to treat patients with endodontic concerns would be trained in its diagnosis and endodontic therapy. Endodontists would receive an additonal two to three years of advanced education to be certified as a licensed endodontist.

What is the procedure involved in an endodontic treatment?

Your endodontic treatment or root canal procedure begins with an initial consultation where you'll be allowed to discuss with our dentist on your concerns. A thorough clinical examination that involves taking digital X-rays would help understand the cause behind the symptoms.

Sign and symptoms would include tooth absecess, swollen or inflammed gums, sensitivity to hold or cold food. The procedure would involve using a local anesthetic to numb the region surrounding the infected tooth. A dental dam maybe used to keep surrounding surfaces free of saliva during the treatment.

Next, an access hole would be drilled into the tooth to reach the infected pulp tissues. The pulp tissues along with bacteria and decayed nerve tissues would be removed from the tooth. In order to fully clean out the canal, a series of dental files with increasing diameter would be placed into the access hole and worked through the length of the tooth. This helps to scrape out the sides of the root canal. Disinfectants may be used to remove any signs of infection/debris. After thoroughly cleaning the inside of the canal, it is properly sealed with the help of a filling material. The final step involves using a restoration above the newly restored teeth.

Early endodontic therapy can help save existing structures of the teeth without the need for a tooth extraction. Experience fine dentistry at our practice by placing an appointment with us. Call us at 818-818-5123 to request your appointment or place an appointment online for your dental consultation.

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